Valuation Process

Gold bullion validation and evaluation

50 Years combined experience
We are a family business with over 50 years combined experience in business.

Our professional valuation team will take the utmost care in assessing and valuing your jewellery to ensure that we can give you the highest prices possible.

Step 1 -

Your items will be weighed and tested for purity

Step 2 -

We will then offer you the best price possible based on that day’s gold rate

Step 3 -

We will contact you at the same day with our offer. Once you accept the offer, we will transfer the money at the same day, or you are welcome to collect your money at the store.

We promise to pay you the highest prices and guarantee you cash within 24 hours of accepting our offer

What Our Customers Says ?

Great facility for keeping the valuables, the staffs are professional and welcoming.

Excellent service from Michelle & team. Superior location to alternatives in the market, far more secure.

I found sentinel vaults a very secure place to store your valuables. Their underground vault security standards surpass any bank deposit facility I have ever seen. Highly recommended safe deposit Facility in Dublin!

Meet Sentinel Vaults. Fantastic service and a pleasure to deal with, felt really assured that my valuables will be in safe hands. Great location also, at a few distance from my house.

Excellent professional service, especially the location in Ballsbridge.